■ Application

When, and where will the application form be available?

The application form will be available on Mid of December 2020 on CJAP’s website.

When can I apply?

Applications are plan to be open from 23 Dec 2020 to January 30 2021.

Is there any opportunity to understand this program ?

CJCC will hold CJAP online promotion event on January 15 2021 by Zoom.

What type of entrepreneurs are you looking for?

We are open to any type of entrepreneurs. Businesses after seed stage (including later, early, and expansion stage) can be considered ideal candidates.

Our group has two ideas. Can we submit two applications?

No, one team can only submit one business model.

■ First Selection

What is the selection process after submission of the application?

After the screening of the documentation, candidates selected on a long list will be interviewed by Judges. Based on the result of the interview, the program will inform you of your acceptance by the mid of February 2021.

Who from the team should attend the short interview if selected after the document screening?

Although all members planning to attend the program are encouraged to attend the short presentation and interview, at least the team leader and core members are required to attend.

Who will be the judges for the first selection?

CJCC Management team, CIC, YEAC, CWEA, JICA consultant team and others.

Are there any standards for selection?

We will consider the level of clarity and understanding of your vision and mission for your business, the strength of team up, the feasibility of your business model and so on.It is required that entrepreneurs are able to start business within 6 months after taking business capacity development. Business schemes which have the potential to solve social and environmental challenges will be preferred for crowdfunding. Overall, we will focus more on the applicants (entrepreneurs) themselves, such as their capability, motivation, commitment, vision, personal story of their business and teamwork. We welcome team applications.

Are there conditions on age or nationality?

The applicant must be Cambodian team with over 18 years old or the international team which has at least one Cambodian board member and register their business in Cambodia, and be able to provide presentations in English.

■ First Phase

What will I do within the First Phase?

This part of the program consists of 1. intensive lectures including pitching practice and experience sharing with Cambodian and Japanese business owners 2. Optional mentoring session based on the request from participants 3. Boot Camp in Cambodia

How many people can attend the First Program?
  1. Lectures : Maximum three people from each company can attend the intensive lectures.
  2. Optional mentoring session : No limitation from the team.
  3. Boot Camp : One people from each team can attend the boot camp.
Where will the intensive lectures be conducted?

It will be conducted mainly by Zoom but some sessions are conducted by offline at CJCC or other offices with consideration of the situation of COVID-19.

Where will the optional mentoring be conducted?

One-on-one mentoring can be conducted by online or anywhere, depending on the both mentor and your availabilities.

■ Second Selection

How does the second selection work?

You will deliver a presentation to judges to apply for the fundraising phase.

■ Second Phase

Who will be pitching?

The entrepreneurs selected in the second selection will have pitching opportunities with local business associations and Japanese companies.

What exactly does pitching mean?

Pitching basically consist in delivering a business plan verbally. A pitch typically takes the form of an entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs presenting or describing their ideas to prospective investors. Regardless of the means chosen to pitch (mainly elevator pitch, video pitch, and business pitch), the objective is usually the same; describing a business opportunity with the intention of securing funding to develop the idea further.

Are we guaranteed to receive money after this program?

The Second Phase does not guarantee for entrepreneurs to receive funding. Pitching opportunities in Cambodia are only opportunities of fundraising. Entrepreneurs receive funding only when investors are willing to invest in their business.

■ General

How is the program different from other entrepreneur accelerators?

This program is very unique, as it aims to develop the business capacity of entrepreneurs in Cambodia, and it supports Cambodian entrepreneurs to get ready to raise funds by providing them the required knowledge, connecting them with mentors and giving them the actual opportunity to approach investors.

How long does the program last?

This program will last 6 months, from January 2021 to June 2021.

Does CJCC invest in the entrepreneurs’ businesses?

CJCC does not invest or take any equity in the entrepreneurs’ businesses.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

Thank you for your interest. Kindly contact us at cjap@tohmatsu.co.jp and our team will get back to you shortly.

I am interested in being a mentor or coming in as a program partner. Who can I contact?

Thank you for your interest. Kindly contact us at cjap@tohmatsu.co.jp and our team will get back to you shortly.

What happens to intellectual property during the Accelerator Program?

Your ideas remain yours – they belong to you and your team. If there is a need to transfer or manage Intellectual Property to another stakeholder, this can be discussed with the CJAP team.

Will the participants’ ideas be protected?

The applicants’ wishes will be respected as much as possible. However, you should also be aware that there are many people who have similar ideas. Ideas that seems to be yours may already exist in other places in the world. Therefore, we will not conclude confidentiality agreements which would cover your ideas as confidential information. In this Accelerator Program, rather than putting an emphasis on the idea, we would like to value the actions you take to realize and leverage your idea into a successful business.